Klara Guillen  was born in Seville Spain, and began showing interest in fashion at the early age of nine, enrolling in her first sewing classes. By age 16 she launched her career in the industry after creating exclusive designs for private clients as well as clothing boutiques in the Basque region of Spain.

She graduated in 1983 as a fashion designer and industrial pattern-maker. Immediately after, she received numerous fashion awards for her innovative designs. That same year she opened a fashion studio which raised the attention of the media in the region for their visionary style.

Years later, she opened her own clothing store franchise under the name of ‘Rosa Limón’. During that time she also began her career as a fashion teacher, collaborating with academies in the eastern region of Spain.

In 1996 the family moves to South Africa, where she designs haute couture clothing and accessories, as well as children clothing and hand-painted designs under the brand “Karlota”. Upon returning to Spain, open a new company dedicated to ostrich leather products, using the experience of she and her partner had acquired back in South Africa. Additionally, they make sure to personally train their employers and share their knowledge.

But it was in New York since 2005, after many years of experience, where she founded her largest venture to date – her unique fashion brand under the name “Klara Guillen”. From then on she creates her iconic collections, redefining herself for the following years.

In order to achieve a definition in the interpretation of her creations as a fashion designer, she makes exhibitions and presentations in different countries. In them, she shows the creativity of her exclusive and personalized designs, a fusion between the fashion of dress and art, clothes and fashion accessories, showing the inspirations in large paintings, painted by herself.

Thus she argues the inspiration of her designs in garments and accessories, calling her work “Dressing with Expression Brushstrokes”. In this way, Klara is known for her delicate bridal gowns, gala dresses and garments for special occasions, in addition to serving as Director for the group Viste Fashion, online sale of their own contemporary collections, as well as the collections of other designers, www.vistefashion.com

Collaborator in the TV show ¨Marbella te quiero¨ with Oscar Horacio Marbella, as well as also collaborated in the TV show ¨Mujeres Poderosas¨ in Marbella.